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The Place

El Palomar is located in the province of Albacete, close to Cuidad Real´s border. The Estate used to be property of the Alba family. It has been transformed over the years and now the Estate and the refurnished house are unique, offering the guests plenty of activities and great comfort at the house with different spaces and several dinning rooms where luxurious meals and reunions can be organised.

We can offer 15 double and luxurious rooms in which 30 guests can be allocated.

The Staff, composed by 7 mates, a cook, an assistant cook and two waiters, will be at all times taking care of the guests. The kitchen in El Palomar is superb, specialised in the Mediterranean type of cuisine, but in advance you may order other types of meals if preferred. From in between crab crepes, baby lamb or roasted baby pig, partridge, oven duck, beef, fresh fish, etc. You may choose your favourite menus always served with delicious appetizers, wines and drinks.


You may also do several activities such as:

- Horse back riding

- Paddle tennis

- Fishing Black-bass

- Clay pigeon shooting

- Visit the famous wild bull cattle and the Spanish horses we breed in the estate

- Trekking

- Demonstration of bullfighting with a small cow (or maybe try it…)

Additionally one of the evenings we can organise a flamenco show or other type of party required.



The estate is near the mountains of Alcaraz, and in it you may find a great variety of animals and vegetation. The agricultural lands are mixed with mountains and bushes. The deer's, muflons, fallow deer's, ibex, and row deer live in harmony with the most impressive animal around this landscapes; the wild bull.

In El Palomar we breed one of the most famous cattle of wild Bulls: the one named “Samuel Flores”, after his owner. It was founded in 1925 when the Flores family bought a Group of cows and studs to “Olea” and since then they have been kept in this land. Here, in a small arena by the house, we do the selection of the females. Each year we fight more than 100 cows and only the bravest ones will continue to breed the Bulls that later we will send to be fought in arenas like Madrid, Bilbao, Pamplona, Valencia, etc.

El Palomar is a privileged place to be in contact with nature and learn from the experience. The excellent climate from the South-East of Spain is ideal to practice all types of activities in spring, summer and even in autumn.

In the middle of El Palomar we can find a lake where you may fish Black-bass and practice water sports.

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