Finca el Palomar Estancia

The Hunting

Driven red partridge

From October to February the main actor is the red partridge. Between the rocky mountains and the thick bushes, the rapid and nervous flying of this bird is unique. Due to the fact that the drives are always organised in areas with big hills and dense bushes, shooting partridges in El Palomar is really challenging even for the best hunters. Normally we can have at the most 5 drives per day, as the professional beaters have a hard work is the areas with thick bushes. Each drive will take around 30 to 45 minutes, and we try the birds don’t pass over the line all at a time so the hunters keep shooting all the time until the end.

The line should be of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 hunters, plus the non-hunters who join the group; and each hunter will have a secretary and a loader who will assist them in all moments during the hunt.

Between the different drives, when the Staff is collecting the birds, a nice snack and drinks will be served.

Watch a video of a drive


Small game hunting with dogs

We organise hunting parties for small game (rabits and partridge) in La Torre estate (Between Villanueva de la Fuente and Viveros.

La Torre estate in located only 10 kilometers away from El Palomar. La Torre is a big estate with 2.000 hectares, and is ideal for this type of hunting, as the terrain quite plain ad therefore easy to walk, and the combination of agricultural fields and bushes is excellent.

From the 8th. of october until the 8th. of february.

260€ per hunter each day with a maximun of 15 animals (rabits or partridges) per hunter and day.
25€ per excess animal.
Food, drinks and accomodation, as well as the dogs must be organised by the hunters.
The hunters will be able to use a house in the Estate for lunch.


-Hostal Los Julianes. Telf: 967 39 2050
Contact: Miguel Angel

-Hostal El Rey de la Coca: Telf: 967 31 6157
Contact: Jacinto

-Hostal El Montañes. Telf: 967 39 6074
Contact: Pilar

-Casa Rural Los Samueles. Telf: 967 396030
Contact: Samuel y Jóse Manuel.

-Hotel Riopar, telf.: 647 406 315
Contact: Gines

-El Balneario de Benito. Telf: 967 382060 / 380410

Stalk Hunt

We can organise stalking hunts for muflon in different estates.

  • From October to February
  • Daily rate: 350 €
  • Representative trophy: 700 €
  • Bronce medal: 1100 €
  • Silver medal: 1900 €
  • Gold Metal: 3200 €
  • Females: 100 €


We offer a wide variety of hunts, some of them in the most renowned big game hunting properties in the South of Spain. A hunting programme that can complete the season for the most demanding hunter, together with the variety offered by the hunt organisers that manage some of our properties. Except in the event that you wish to organise a complete group, please contact the organiser, whose personal data is detailed in the hunt programme.

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