Finca el Palomar Estancia

Group of Companies

From El Palomar, Samuel Flores is in charge of managing other family properties in the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real and Jaén, where a large number of farming and hunting activities are carried out.   

He has also implemented several projects, always related in some way to the countryside and its sustainable management. Accordingly, HERRERA MANCHEGA SOLAR, S.L. was set up in 2006, a company that is now operating a solar energy farm in the Municipal District of La Herrera (Albacete), with 2 MW of rated power and which aims to continue investing in this field of renewable energy, which offers a good opportunity for development in the rural world.   

AESA (AGROPECUARIA ECOLÓGICA SIERRA DE ALCARAZ, S.L.) is another example of the Flores family's concern for sustainability in its management model; since it began the transformation of extensive cattle farming in Andalusia to ecological, in 2003, it subsequently transformed the olive plantation and almond orchards and, in a second phase, we have taken part in setting up an olive oil mill in Alcaraz (Albacete) which produces ecological extra virgin olive oil of great quality under the trademark OLV, and it has been marketed since the start of 2009.